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Q.  I try to install the Messages Saver for Facebook extension locally to my computer according to your instructions but get the following  error: Could not load manifest.json.

Please check that you extracted the [version].rar file correctly. Ensure that after extracting you have [version] folder --> manifest.json, background.js and some folders, not  [version] folder --> [version] folder -->  manifest.json, background.js and some folders.

Q.  I still fail to install the extension locally, the error is: Could not load background script ‘background.js’. What to do?

First check that you extracted the archive correctly (see the question above). Ensure that you can actually see the background.js file in the folder to which you have extracted the extension. If you are absolutely sure that the extraction was correct, and the background file is in place, the problem might be with your antivirus program, which sometimes overreacts on .js files.

Q.  The Messages Saver for Facebook extension does not save pictures or emoji. Is it possible to make it save them?

The Messages Saver for Facebook extension allows you to save chats in 4 possible ways: as a plain text file, as a stand-alone .html file (with pictures and emoticons displayed), as a .csv file and as an archive (zip file). To change the settings you need to right-click the extension icon after you have installed the extension, and choose the Options menu item. This will bring you to the window where you can change the settings.

Q.  Where can I find the saved file?

Open your Chrome browser, go to Settings -> Downloads. Download location shows the path where all your downloaded files are saved.

Q.  The saved file doesn’t display the special symbols of my language. What do I do?

Change the encoding of the file. Open it in the Chrome browser, go to  Settings -> More Tools -> Encoding, choose UTF-8.  Check the ‘Auto detect’ option.

Q.  Do the extensions have access to my private data and account?

No, they do not. Neither of the extensions will ever ask you for any credentials or other sensitive information and, consequently, cannot get access to any private data. 

Q.  I have a big Facebook chat (60 / 100 / 400 thousand messages). The file that is saved doesn’t contain the whole conversation. Where is the rest of the chat?

If a chat is really big, Facebook might stop returning the data at some point due to a big amount of requests being sent, and returns a ‘temporary error’ instead. In this case, an incomplete chat will be downloaded. In general, you are advised to save your chat in parts by experimenting with the Date fields of the pop-up window.

Q.  The download process of a big Facebook chat is painfully slow. Can you make it faster?

Some time ago Facebook started blocking requests coming from the Messages Saver for Facebook extension. To get around this, the extension now sends requests at irregular intervals, which slowed down the process of download. You can try saving big chats in parts by fiddling with the Date fields.

Q.  I opened an old saved Facebook chat file and can see no pictures, the links seem to be broken. Why is it happening?

When you save your chat as a stand-alone html file (with the ‘ Save pictures, emoticons and other files locally ‘ field unchecked) all your pictures and other files can be seen in the file, but they are still kept on Facebook servers. The links to the pictures that are kept there have special tokens which expire after some time, and then the link can no longer be seen.

You have to either save the chat again or, if you really want to keep all your chat files on your computer, save the chat as a zip-file. For this check the ‘ Save pictures, emoticons and other files locally ‘ field. The links to the pictures in your chat will then point to the actually saved pictures in the created zip-file, and not to the ones kept in Facebook servers.

Q.  I saved a Facebook chat with the Messages Saver for Facebook extension, and now can’t see the whole of it in my Facebook account. Can the extension make changes to my chat?

No, the extension can’t change anything at all with your chats other than saving them. All your chats are kept at Facebook servers, and it’s a Facebook glitch if something isn’t shown. I personally experienced it on a couple of my chats, when they were not shown in full to me. After some time all went back to normal.

Q.  Can I continue chatting in WhatsApp Web while a chat is being downloaded?

Yes, you can go on chatting in any chats while the extension is downloading the chat you need, this should not prevent the normal download process.

Q.  Is it possible to download archived Facebook chats?

Yes, it is possible. First, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Messages Saver for Facebook extension. If you want to save archived chats or message requests you should go to the Options of the extension, and choose the corresponding folder there. Press Submit to save your changes.

Q.  The Messages Saver for Facebook extension shows the wrong number of messages for a chat and does not download the chat I need? How to fix this?

This is a glitch of the extension that is cured by simple toggling between chats.

Q.  I clicked on the Downoad button of the Backup WhatsApp Chats extension but nothing happens. What do I do?

Just reload the WhatsApp web page and all should start working properly.

Q.  I bought the Messages Saver for Facebook / Backup WhatsApp Chats / DM Saver for Instagram extension from the Google Chrome store, but when I try to use it, it gives me the 'Free trial expired' error. What do I do?

Please try the following:

  • Log out from all your Google accounts
  • Reload the browser, start it again, open the pop-up window of the extension and press Download.
  • You will now be presented with a popup window asking you to log in to your Google account. Log in to the account you made the payment from.
  • In the next window give the extension the necessary permissions and activate Google sync if asked to.
  • You should now be able to use the extension.