Unlock full access to the extension for only 4 US dollars!

Full access gives you the ability to download all the media with your Facebook chats. You will be able to save your chat as a stand-alone HTML file or as an archive, thus saving all your chat's media to your computer.

The full version also includes an option to save chats as CSV files, which can be helpful if you need your chat as an Excel file.

Moreover, you will be able to choose the way your saved chat looks. Perhaps some of you are missing that good old way messages had looked like before Facebook pushed Messenger to all the users? The full version of the extension will give you an opportunity to save your chat in the 'old-fashioned' style.

All these options are available to you only for 4 US dollars!

How to get the full access?

First pay 4 USD to through PayPal.

Then locate the id.txt file in the folder with the extension, and send it to any of the following e-mail addresses:, or

After the money is received you will get access to the full version of the extension. Please mind that due to possible differences in time-zones the activation may take up to several hours.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate contacting us!

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