A new feature introduced!


Messages Saver for Facebook keeps developing!

From now on when you download a chat having chosen Messenger style in the Options of the extension, it will keep the same color it has in your Messenger inbox.

Important update!


Please download and install the new version 8.6. It should be less buggy, since many users had problems with the extension being unresponsive.

The older versions won't work from now on.

Patch for the Chrome 'Disable developer mode extensions' pop-up window no longer working.


Please note that due to latest Chrome updates the DevWarningPatch.bat file which was used to get rid of the 'Disable developer mode extensions' pop-up window no longer works.

Hopefully a way out will be found and we will publish new instructions on how to get rid of this annoying pop-up. Keep up with the news!

The Messages Saver for Facebook is now a Firefox add-on!


It finally happened, and the Messages Saver for Facebook extension is now available as a Firefox add-on! Follow the link to download it!

A bug when saving group chats is fixed!


There was a bug saving group chats which is now fixed! The update of the local version of the extension will happen by itself. As for the store version, it was updated today and the version number is 8.3.

Stay with us for future updates and bug fixes ;)️

Fixed saving messages from fan pages!


Fixed saving messages from fan pages. The extension did not work with the new layout that Facebook had introduced.

Now all should be working as before. ✌️

A major update!


A major update which fixes the 'Failed to get messages from the server' error.

Download the new version here.

Note also that saving of big chats might become slower, due to the changed way of fetching the data from Facebook servers.

Contact us on any errors you might encounter. Thanks!

An update of the extension.


A small update now lets you know how many messages you saved. Check the amount at the top of the page in the saved file :)

Possible problems downloading chats may appear in the nearest future.


If the extension used to work normally but now do not, this happens due to the fact that Facebook is at the moment changing the way of getting messages from its servers.

So, you might get the 'Failed to get messages from the server' error while trying to save your chats. We will try to update the code correspondingly as soon as it is possible. Hopefully, it will not take much time.

Stay with us!

Why would you want to download Facebook messages to the computer?


Well, and why do people take photos, write in blogs, record videos?

For exactly the same reason. To keep the memories safely tucked away, to be able to go back in time and recollect some precious moments of life, to experience again the whole spectrum of emotions that were so important then.

Because the brain's work is tricky and memories are unreliable, because a person cannot trust oneself that they remember correctly this or that part of their own life unless it has been documented.

Facebook has been the major social network since the beginning of the 21st century, and it keeps billions of conversations on its numerous servers. The question of security when revealing your secrets to the Internet is debatable, however it is considered quite safe to communicate through Facebook Messenger.

But what if your Facebook account is hacked? It is sometimes not so easy to get it back. And even if you succeed and get hold of your account again, the hacker might have deleted all your chats, just for the fun's sake. You are then left with no history, no memories, not a trace of your social activity through all these years.

Unless you use the Messages Saver for Facebook extension and save Facebook chats to the computer from time to time. If you do use it, you always have the most valuable information close at hand. This certainly includes thousands of pictures and other files you might have sent through Messenger while chatting with your friends.

Save Facebook chats every now and then with the help of the Messages Saver for Facebook extension and you will be protected from such kinds of attacks to your account.

Happy using!

Instructions on how-to use the extension


  1. Go to your Facebook messages ( or
  2. Choose the chat you want to save.
  3. Right-click on the extension's icon and choose 'Options'. In the opened tab choose how you want your chat to be saved (as plain text, formatted HTML, CSV or a zip-file).

- If you choose 'HTML' images, emoticons and other files in the chat will be embedded in the HTML file. They will still be kept in Facebook servers and might stop being displayed after some time due to their tokens expiration.

- If you choose 'zip file', the chosen items (images, emoticons, videos, etc.) will be saved locally to your computer and will be displayed in your chat as long as they are kept in the same folder as the HTML file. You can choose the type of files you want to save locally.

  1. Return to the messages page and click the extension icon. If the pop-up window is unresponsive, switch a couple of times between your chats. This will refresh the extension, and it will start working. You can check how many messages there are in your chat by looking at the 'Total number of messages' field at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  2. When the chat is ready, it will either be saved automatically to the default folder for downloads, or you will be prompted to choose a folder on your computer to save the file to (this depends on the settings of your browser).

Website launched


The website for the Messages Saver for Facebook extension has been launched! Latest versions:

  • 1.0.5 (Chrome Web Store)
  • 7.0 (local)

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